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1 CD


Dragon Flying  Phoenix Dancing - Celebration Music (CD)


“Dragons Rising and Tigers Leaping!” is the perfect name for this wonderful collection of Chinese holiday music. Now you can commemorate the Chinese New Year and other holidays with lively and authentic music played by traditional instruments. It’s a great way to help you celebrate all sorts of special occasions throughout the year.


  1. Xi Yang Yang - Happiness 喜洋洋
  2. Xing Fu Nian - Lucky Year 幸福年
  3. Jin She Kuang Wu - Dragon Dance 今蛇狂舞
  4. Sai Long Duo Jin - Dragon Racing 賽龍奪錦
  5. De Sheng Ling - Victory 得勝令
  6. Cai Hua Jiao - Dancing 抬花轎
  7. Wu Zi Kai Men - Five Children Opening Doors 五字開門
  8. Feng Shou Luo Gu Harvest Drum 豐收羅鼓
  9. Zheng Yue Shi Wu Nao Xue Deng - Rice Cake on January 15th 正月十五鬧雪燈
  10. Jiang Jun De Sheng Ling - Victory 將軍得勝令
  11. Yu Zhou Kai Ge - Universe 漁舟凱歌
  12. Long Fei Feng Wu - Dragon Flying Phoenix Dancing 龍飛鳳舞

Price: $13.95



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