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Age : 6 and up

500 Flashcards

3'' x 7.5''

Print: Pinyin, Simplified Chinese & English

Chinese Characters Multi-Function Flash Cards

Teaching & Learning


Many foreign students loved this set of flash cards. When you are diligent, these flashcards will teach you 1000 Chinese common and essential characters, as well as their stroke order.

Each character is explained in simplified Chinese characters, Pinyin, and English. There is also an illustration and an example of how the word is used in combination with others.

On each card, different colored marks show the character's frequency of use, phonetic pronunciation, radicals, and the original complex form of the character.

This set of cards will challenge you to be creative while you study. By arranging the cards in various combinations, you can work to acquaint yourself with the stroke orders, radicals, pronunciations, and the natural connections between different characters.

By taking advantage of the frequency marker, you can master the most commonly used characters to build a solid foundation for your continued studies of Chinese language.

Price: $27.95 per set




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