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(Card Back)

Age: 4 and up

888 Flashcards

6 1/2" X 4 1/4"

Print: Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Pinyin and English

Chinese Character Flashcards 888


A great way to learn Chinese characters. New flashcards for the next century! Using the Wenlin software database of the 888 most used Chinese characters, with simplified and traditional characters, pinyin, English explanation, radicals, and several examples of words using the characters, including many Internet, computer, and business terms.

The stroke sequence of writing a Chinese character is demonstrated in each card. These flashcards can be used by teachers, parents, children or whoever wanting to learn Chinese words.

Easy to use and excellent quality of paper for cards to last for decades.

888 durable flashcards!

(Card Front)


Price: $30.95




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