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Sample front      Sample Back

Age: 4 - 9


5 3/8" X 7 1/2"

Double Sided Cards

32 cards per box

Print: Traditional Chinese with Zhuyin And English

Children's First Learning Picture Cards - D - bilingual

1. Lovely Animals

2. The World of Dinosaur

A very effective way to teach children 3 years old and up to recognize numbers, letters, objects, things, animals, simple words, phonetics, transportation vehicles, foods, and nature.  These cards come in very handy size to use in close distance or in a large classroom.  It is printed on both front and back as illustrated on the right.  

You get children's full attention as soon as you show one of these cards.  Tons of questions are inspired by these colorful interesting cards.  Teachers can't put it down when children start to ask questions about the objects!


1. 動物

2. 恐龍世界




Price: $9.95 for 2 boxes

Qty. 2 boxes: Animals; Dinosaur



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