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Bilingual Flash Cards



Flash Cards -  Pinyin, Simplified Chinese Characters and English

Age: 4 - 10

Simplified Chinese, English & Pinyin

These large-size flashcards (7.75" x 5.25") are great tools to help children learn Simplified Chinese characters.

On the front of each card, a picture and the corresponding characters are shown, along with Pinyin pronunciations and the word in English.

The back of the card shows each character with the correct writing stroke order, and includes sentence building exercises and a short story about the animal (all in Chinese characters).

These cards are a perfect choice for a fun way to learn animal's names in Chinese as well as the written characters. In simplified characters. Each box has 32 cards, choose from Animal, Vegetables and Fruits.


Flash Cards, Pinyin & Simplified Chinese Characters and English

Size: 7.75'' x 5.5''


Price: $5.95 for each set

Qty. Animal - out of stock

Qty. Fruits & Vegetables


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