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Age: 3 - 7


Audio: Mostly English with some Mandarin

Subtitle: Pinyin while Mandarin is said

30 minutes

Bakabo - Ni Hao, Mimi!

Learn Mandarin & Chinese Culture

巴卡布 你好 咪咪

“Bakaboo” is a Children’s Video that was created by Grayce Wey and Janet Richards to make it fun for children to learn Mandarin Chinese phrases and Chinese Culture.  Both Janet and Grayce are second generation Chinese Americans and felt that it was important to provide a vehicle for kids to have fun while introducing them to a new language and culture.   Ni Hao, Mimi! is the first video in this series. In this episode, children will learn basic phrases like the four tones of Chinese, counting from 1-10, hello, goodbye, thank you, friends and other phrases.

What is Bakaboo?  Bakaboo is the magical land that Mimi, the Panda, Ho Ho the monkey, Zu, the pig and Nai Nai the tortoise live in.  Mimi is from China and new to Bakaboo.  She is eager to meet new friends and share with them stories of her native homeland, China.  In the beginning, Mimi faces some challenges in meeting new friends, but over time and with Nai Nai’s help, she eventually finds acceptance and friendship. Your kids will love this video as they fall in love with the characters from Bakaboo.   Original songs and dance numbers will keep your kids entertained! 

Children will also learn important lessons about tolerance and acceptance in Nai Nai’s pond as well as other Chinese Fun Facts.  Every episode of Bakaboo highlights unique aspects of the Chinese Culture.  For example, in this video, kids learn Kung Fu with Ho Ho and the gang through the Kung Fu Dance.  Each video contains an English track as well as a secondary Mandarin soundtrack. 

Parents and kids will love this DVD! Join Mimi, the lovable panda, Ho Ho, a cute forgetful monkey, Zu, his best friend and NaiNai, a wise old tortoise in a fun filled adventure in Bakaboo!

This DVD is well suited for family with children who has no exposure to Mandarin (such as parents not speaking Mandarin).

This DVD is targeted for children ages 3-7 and provides an introduction to Chinese phrases and Chinese Culture.  Our goal is to make learning Chinese fun for children.  In this DVD, we introduce children to characters like Mimi, the Panda, Ho Ho, the monkey, Zu, the pig and Nai Nai, our elderly and wise grandmother.  Through storytelling, fun antics and catchy songs, we hope that children born to American-Chinese parents, adopted Children from China or anyone interested in learning Chinese can benefit from this video.

This DVD teaches kids:

  • The important life lessons of tolerance and acceptance in the context of the Chinese culture.
  • Mandarin words for hello, goodbye, friends, thank you, and you're welcome
  • Counting to ten in Mandarin
  • Kung Fu
  • And much more!!

Bonus Features include:

  • Nai Nai's review
  • Cool Chinese facts
  • Secondary soundtrack entirely in Mandarin


Price: $12.95




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