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Learn Mandarin Chinese 


Conversational Chinese 301

漢語會話 301句書和CD

Book/CDs. $8.95, $9.95.

Simplified Chinese/Pinyin/English.


Chinese Character Flashcards 888

Flashcards. $39.95.

Simplified Chinese,

Traditional Chinese & Pinyin

Interactive Chinese New!

互动汉语  $160.00

8 book & 8 CD-ROMs & 8 CDs.

English, Simplified Chinese & Pinyin


English Chinese Pocket Pinyin Dictionary

英漢拼音袖珍辭典  $18.95

Dictionary. English, Simplified Chinese


Essential Chinese For Travelers

book & cassette. $16.95

Simplified Chinese, Pinyin

Everyday Chinese

CD-ROM  English/Chinese $15.95


Far East Everyday Chinese


Paperback book.  $12.40 ~ $31.20

Simplified Chinese, Pinyin and English.


Global: Mandarin Chinese - Intermediate

CD-ROM. Mandarin. $13.95


Learn to Speak Chinese

学说中国话  $22.95

2 VCDs & Booklet. Mandarin Chinese & English


I Can Read That

paperback book. $8.95

English, Simplified Chinese & Pinyin.

Mandarin Phrasebook

paperback book. $7.95

English, Simplified Chinese & Pinyin.

English Chinese Picture Dictionary


Dictionary. $49.95

English, Traditional Chinese


Practical Chinese Grammar For Foreigners


Paperback book. $24.95

English & Simplified Chinese

Speaking Chinese 500 Daily Expressions


Paperback book. $14.95

English, Simplified Chinese & Pinyin

Spoken Chinese: Instant Learning, Instant Use


book & 3 cassettes. $39.95

English, Traditional Chinese & Pinyin

Talk Now Mandarin Chinese

CD-ROM. Mandarin. $13.95

Tourist Chinese New!

旅游汉语   $32.00

1 CD-ROM(+mp3), 1 CD and 1 book.

Audio: Mandarin;

Print: English/Simplified Chinese

What's in a Chinese Character

趣味學漢字 $19.95

Paperback book.

English, Simplified Chinese, Pinyin


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