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Paperback Book

284 pages

5 3/8" X 8 1/2"

by China Books & Periodicals

Living in China (Book)

- A guide to teaching & studying in China, including Taiwan and Hong Kong

by Rebecca Weiner, Margaret Murphy and Albert Li

This essential reference for anyone planning to live, teach, study or work in China has been recently updated, with information on schools in China as well as vital tips for a good experience there. This revised edition also contains information on schools in Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Looking for adventure? A trip to china to study, teach or work is just what you need, and this book will show you how to do it. This book contains:

  • Lists of the major schools accepting foreign students and teachers

  • Making the initial contacts in China

  • Packing your bags to go

  • Making friends with the Chinese

  • Dealing with Chinese bureaucracies

  • Traveling within China

  • How to dress and how to behave

This revised edition features new information for an intelligent choice of schools on the Mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

For anyone who would like to live, work, or study/teach in China, this unique and badly needed book should be considered indispensable ... This book may well become to the foreign residents in China what THE JOY OF COOKING has been to newlyweds. --- Mark Salzman, author of "Iron and Silk"

Full of helpful advice and practical information for those studying or teaching in China... The authors are amusingly frank on the hardships and heartaches of surviving, working (and dating) in China. -- Jonathan Spence, Yale University, author of "The Search For Modern China"

Price: $19.95




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