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Chinese Culture, Holiday, Custom, Poetry & Idiom


12 audio tapes

& one book


三字經  唐詩  成語

Three Word Classic, Poetry & Idiom

Want to introduce Chinese culture and literature to your children? First part of this package is the reading and explanation of the Chinese three-word classic. The second part is children singing the Tong Dynasty's poems, 24 poems total. The last part is the reading and explanation of Chinese idioms, 36 four-word idioms total.

A colorful book illustrated all the words on the tapes and many pictures. A very concise and interesting way of introducing Chinese culture and literature. Children or even adults can learn a lot from this useful package. It contains many Chinese teaching on how Chinese people conduct themselves and about valuable characters to all of us.

1. 人之初.性本善 2. 曰喜怒.曰哀懼 3. 夏有禹.商有湯
4. 昔仲尼.帥項橐 5. 春曉等5首 6. 靜夜思等5首
7. 遊子吟等6首 8. 楓橋夜泊等7首 9. 一箭雙雕等8則
10. 對牛彈琴等8則 11. 畫蛇添足等8則 12. 雞鳴狗盜等8則

Price: $39.95




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