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Chinese Television Resources for the US:


Lots of different ways to get Chinese programs in the US.

Type Description
Chinese Internet TV Television is being broadcast over the Internet by China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan TV Stations. This page contains instructions on what is required and links.
Satellite Satellite is a great way to get TV in Mandarin.
TV Listing of all the Chinese TV stations in the US.
Cable Cable programs in Chinese are available in many areas of the US.


The All China Internet Only TV Channel is excerpting English language CCTV programs and

putting them on their web site in both Real and Windows Media format.

They change the programs regularly. The quality is MUCH better than the regular CCTV internet broadcast

and you can watch the programs at any time. All China TV broadcasts in ONLY Windows Media format.

Check it out at http://www.foreigntv.com/china/index.html


Chinese Children's Culture Learning

Learn Chinese Language With Disney Cartoons


Remember - you can always watch CCTV (China Central Television) from

Beijing live via Real Video on the web at http://www.tbnusa.com/live_cctv.ram.

Also, check out Marjorie Chan's ChinaLinks for more Chinese Audio and Video on the web and other great stuff at


Get Real Video player at http://www.real.com/

and CCTV schedules (in English) at http://www.cctv.com/english/schedule/schedule.html


Chinese Children's Culture Learning

Learn Chinese Language With Disney Cartoons

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