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Children's Chinese/English Bilingual Products


Age: 7 and up

Printed in English & Traditional Chinese

Illustrated via paper-cut art works!

32 page

9 1/2" X 11"

The Dragon Lover & Other Chinese Proverbs (bilingual book)

- By Yong Sheng Xuan

- Illustrated by Yong Sheng Xuan

Inspired by the centuries-old paper-cut technique, five proverbs are strikingly illustrated with intricate details and fitting styles. Each carries a message that is universal and timeless, especially for the children of today. Readers are not only brought into a world of intriguing Chinese folktales, but are immersed in the traditional wisdom embedded in each story.

Written bilingually, the text clearly conveys the essence of five important values. "The Lazy Farmer" wishes to achieve something without any effort. "The Musician and the Water Buffalo" stresses the need to speak to someone in a manner he or she can understand. "The Crane and the Clam" tells how a third party can benefit from a quarrel between two people. "An Old Horse" encourages us to value the wisdom of an experienced elder. "The Dragon Lover" portrays the psychological reaction we all have, at one time or another, to cover up our fears.

Price: $7.95 (paperback)

Price: $16.95 (hardcover)

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