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Bilingualism Links

Appreciate any feedback on these links we had selected. We found them very informative and useful.


 URL  Comments
Bilingual Parenting Links Lots of great information.NCBE (National Clearinghouse for Bilingual Education)
Why Bilingual Education Defends bilingual education. Says takes 7 years to get to class room English. 1 year for play ground English.US Gov. Educ. Site
Bilingual Parenting In A Foreign Lanuage Very Interesting site. For non-native parents who want their Children to Learn another Language
Bilingual Family Page Has a mailing list I subscribed to. Site has not updated since May of 98. Good page on bilingual myths. Information is great and I have used three of their pages in Childbook.com because they are so close to my approach.
 Parents Brochure On Bilingualism  Good brochure explaining why to bring up your Child Bilingually.
 Early Childhood.com article on bilingual  Another very good article that has some good pointers.
 Good Article on Bilingualism  Good article. Reprinted from: The Ambassador, The American School in Japan Alumni & Community Magazine, Spring 1996
 Concordia  An immersion program for Children in foreign languages, including Chinese. One of our customs had rave reviews about it. For ages 7 through 18. Located in Minnesota.


Study Abroad : GSE offers study abroad programs for students to popular destinations around the world. 



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