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About Us

We have many products designed to help people in the world learn Chinese/Culture. People such as American born Chinese, Chinese children adopted by English speaking family, or simply any individual who wants to learn Chinese language or culture, can get great help from the products we offer.

Most of our products are geared toward children. We also have some bilingual DVD’s for adult. We are a place for children's education, entertainment, inspiration and teaching.

We are an approved vendor by Board of Education of The City of New York.



Liberty House Company sells Chinese Children Videos/DVD's, CD songs, Math books, story books, CD-ROMs, Bo Po Mo books and audio tapes to help Children (and adults) in the United States and other countries learn more about Chinese language and culture. Most of our video tapes and DVD's are bilingual (Chinese and English) or even Multi-Lingual (Mandarin, Cantonese and English). Watching videos/DVD's is a great way to expose your Children's to Chinese language and culture in a fun environment.

We back up our product with Guarantee. Items are in English, Mandarin, and/or Taiwanese, and are mostly sourced from China, Taiwan and Hong Kong. Our mission is to prevent Children from losing their roots in Chinese culture due to their inability to speak, understand, or read Chinese.

You may also find many useful resources links connecting to information regarding bilingual issues and Chinese community.

The owners were trying to bring up their child bilingually and got very frustrated in 1998 with the lack of good Chinese Children's videos and books in the US.

The only alternative at the time, besides the poor selection at the small local bookstore was having a relative or friend who was visiting Taiwan bring some videos and books back in a suite case.

So they started up Liberty House Company to solve this problem for many Chinese parents in the U.S.


Liberty House Company