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Learn Chinese Phonetics (Bo Po Mo And Hanyu Pinyin)

漢語拼音   注音符號

Bao Bao Xue Han Yu Pin Yin

寶寶學漢語拼音 書+碟

Cards/VCD.  Pinyin.  $11.95

Bilingual Pinyin Flash Cards

看圖拼音 2 boxes of Flash Cards $13.90

Simplified Chinese & Pinyin


Bo Po Mo CD Book


Book / CD. Zhuyin.  $10.95


Bo Po Mo Puzzle 


Puzzle. Zhuyin.  $8.95


Children's First Dictionary


7 books.  Pinyin. $12.95



Bilingual Flash Cards

識字卡 $11.95

2 Boxes of Flash Cards. Simplified Chinese, English  & Pinyin



Happy Angels


2 VCDs.  Songs with Pinyin.  $10.95



Learn Hanyu Pinyin


VCDs.  Pinyin.  $10.95

Learn Bo Po Mo


VCDs.  Zhuyin.  $4.95

Learn Han Yu Pinyin


VCDs.  Pinyin.  $14.95


Learn Chinese PinYin


VCD.  Pinyin.  $8.95

Magnetic Board : Bo Po Mo

Magnetic board.  Zhuyin.  $7.95

Smart Kids Learn Hanyu Pinyin

聰明仔 - 中文拼音

2 VCDs. Pinyin.  $8.95

Pinyin For Everyone

Book & CD. Pinyin.  $14.95

Playing in The World of Hanyu Pinyin


VCD.  Pinyin.  $8.95


Wall Chart: Writing Bo Po Mo


Wall Chart.  Zhuyin.  $8.95

Wall Chart: Learning Bo Po Mo


Wall Chart.  Zhuyin.  $10.95




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Learn Chinese Mandarin/Cantonese

Hanyu PinYin / Bo Po Mo 

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